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Mar. 23rd, 2009

‘JAI HO’! Of Course, but whose? SONIA, MAN-MOHAN, PP or JANATA KE?

 Cartoon courtesy: Missplayers

The Election Commission has not only exceeded its brief but has made a fool of self by asking BJP not to field Varun Gandhi. It is sad if not outright stupid. Former Election Commissioner GVG Krishnamurthy explains why.

The Election Commission has no jurisdiction to take action against Gandhi” for his alleged inflammatory speeches.

The model code of conduct comes into effect only after President Pratibha Patil notifies the elections in the official gazette. Till then Gandhi cannot be considered an Election Commission recognized candidate.

The commission has acted in haste in moving against Gandhi for violation of the model code of conduct under the provisions of the Representation of Peoples Act 1951.

Only the police can move against him under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for inciting communal passions.

As of now Varun is only a probable candidate and an ordinary citizen against whom action can be taken only under the IPC if he makes inflammatory statements.

The Election Commission has no role to play till the notification of elections by the president.

‘Wonder of Wonders’This time I found this ‘Chamcha in Chief’ in agreement with me though he is still defending ‘Dynastic Scion’ albeit on the other side of political divide. Good going CIC:) You know well how to keep the both sides of bread buttered.

The ‘really actual’ fun will began … of course at our cost…when Shri Shri Naveen Chawala will take over as the ‘CHIEF’ Election Commissioner on April 21st- right in the middle of this election 2009- courtesy the Sonia ‘Maino’ Gandhi’s handpicked Prime Minion and Your President. But then… for some, ‘Dynasty is always superior to Democracy’ despite this sane advice “If we fail democracy, democracy will fail us.”


BCCI to stage IPL abroad over security issues.


We a BILLION strong nation comes to standstill because we are a ‘Democracy’!!??


With Sonia ‘Maino’ Gandhi as ‘Supreme most’ we can not hold a ‘domestic tournament’ even in our Billion strong nation!


With ‘Economist’ Prime Minion ‘alleged’ to be at the helm of affairs of BILLION strong nation - hardly seen or reported or recognized as - even by the ‘babas and babes’ of Congress; leave alone ‘AAM ADAMI’!!!


Last but not least three cheers for ‘Your President’ too…


My dear friend Mallika has posted this video asking who’s ‘Jai Ho’?

Congress Ki Ya Janata Ki?

See this video here and send to as many as you can. Congress might have BOUGHT the copyright and deservedly so. I choose to say ‘Jai Ho’… :)  




Mar. 20th, 2009

Devil’s Advocate: Varun Gandhi’s ‘Allegedly Communal’ Speech, Secular Wailing and BJP’s Confusion.

 Varun Gandhi on March 4th while attending a ‘workers meet’ in Pillibhit is alleged to have made a speech which has in turn made the Sec –Soc MSM go into a frenzy and their ‘Secular Wailing’ has become unbearably nauseating.   

On Varun’s speech,Sandeep here has made an excellent post and I agree with him somewhat. Here is my take on this issue.  

To start with, Varun’s ‘alleged’ speech CD first. 

  • Is it proven beyond doubt that this is what exactly he said?
  • Is it proven beyond doubt that this CD was not doctored? After all MSM does not cover itself in glory when the matter relates to fake stings and dubious CDs, doing rounds of News Broadcasters, whenever elections are around.
  • Why has the CD been not telecast earlier on 4th of March when this ‘allegedly communal’ speech was made? Why was the matter delayed till 16th March?
  • Who all were holding this CD for 12 whole days and why?
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Who has recorded this speech? On watching this video it is very clear that it was not recorded by a professional cameraman but by someone else. Where is that camera on which this video was recorded?

These are a few pertinent points that need to be considered before Varun is pronounced guilty of ‘hate speech’ and/or ‘inflaming communal passion’ and whatever adjectives MSM is using against Varun Gandhi. 

Furthermore, our country has a constitution with well laid down laws and procedures that need to be followed before pronouncing anyone guilty. So why is there such a great hurry to damn Varun even before his guilt is established? 

Well, the reasons are not difficult to comprehend when we look at the famous players behind this ‘Secular Wailing’!

Here is one Padma Shri Madame’s strongly secular 24X7 news channel chosen to telecast the CD after a gap of 12 whole days!!!! Since March 16th the Padma Shri’s channel has been engaging the fast dwindling audiences with their secular rant and has already pronounced Varun guilty and just short of hanging him; has recommended all sorts of punishment that range from debarring him from the electoral race to sending him to jail for three years maximum!!!!  

Another Padma Shri of ‘Congress News Network’ has the gall to say, “…we must not allow Varun to get away so easily.”  AUDACIOUS! Pray May I ask him what should be done with you Sir for the role you played in rescuing the Baliddaan Moorti’s handpicked Prime Minion by ‘hiding the tapes’! HUH! 

‘Hamam Mein Sab Nange Hain’, of course! Hiding the tapes then and showing it NOW repeatedly! WOW! Look who is talking!

I am not sure about what Varun is supposed to have said, but if at all he has said what he is ‘alleged’ to have said, then I think that this is what most Hindus have been feeling since Her Majesty inflicted her handpicked Prime Minion on us.

The Muslim first policy and unabashed ‘minority (read Muslims) appeasement’ in the name of Secularism has done no service to either the Muslims or the Hindus but has only helped to widen the gulf. (It is foolish to think that this ‘gulf’ does not or did not exist by mouthing meaningless and hollow platitudes). If it is at all true what Varun is alleged to have said, it is only the manifestation of this simmering anger among the Hindus.  

Now BJP’s confusion. 

BJP’s confusion is pathetic to say the least. Flip Flop! I, for one, hold this opinion that ‘BJP lost 2004 not because of being seen as a Hindu party but for not being a Hindu Enough party’ which could be very simplistic but true nevertheless. I wish the BJP had learned some lessons from the past and not tried to be so enthusiastically ‘secular’.


Mar. 4th, 2009

Pakistan showers just ‘few’ bullets on Sri Lankan Cricket Team.

I m reminded of Pakistan’s ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali’s famous ghazal

“Hungama Hai Kyoon Barpa; Thodi si jo Pe Lee hai.

Chori Tou Nahin Ki; Daka Tou Nahin Dala.”

I wonder what the ‘Holy Land of Islam is humming after yesterday’s great display of hospitality! Perhaps this…

“Hungama Hain Kyoon Barpa; Goli Bhi Tou Marri Hai.

Rocket jo nahin Lagga; Grenade bhi  nahin fata”

Going by the past record of Pakistani’s love for Cricket we must thank God for small mercy that all Sri Lankan players are safe and back home.

Safe?  Yes, after all they survived the flavor of Pakistani Hospitality but just with all those small little friendly bullet wounds in chest, arm,foot, leg, shoulder, thigh etc.


Though I am glad none of you (Sri Lankans)  is critically injured and expect and wish to see u back in action (on play field) soon, yet I doubt your Prudence. After all your not so friendly Neighbor had nearly arranged an appointment of yours with their ‘God Almighty’.

I am reminded of Goswami Tulsi Dass Ji, he said and I quote ( from Sunder Kaand).

“Vinay Karat Jaldhi, Teene din Gaye Beet,

Bole Ram Sakop Tab, Bhay Binu Hoi Na Preet

By the way Pakistani team survived because ‘God Alimighty’ was by their side you know. 

Parting Shot: Will the candle marcher peacenicks at Wagah would learn a lesson now? NOPE they wont.  Expect them to preach to you how “Cricket” would bring you closer to your God  ”friendly neightbor”!

High time we ask these ‘peacenicks’  to shift their shops to ‘Lahore’ for once and all.


L K Advani for Prime Minister

Elections are announced
and it is time to take sides. I have decided in the 'National Interest' to
support Mr. L. K. Advani as future PM of 


Feb. 26th, 2009

Renuka Chowdhury: Minister for ‘Pink Chaddis’ or ‘Woman and Child development’ ?


Union Minister for Women and Child Development Renuka Chowdhury is the fire spewing ‘Young’ leader of Congress and most visible and vocal champion of Woman rights. You can spot her almost on daily basis on any of 24X7 channels espousing the cause of Womanhood. 

Her passionate defense of ‘Pink Chaddi Woman Folk’ and her zeal to see that more and more woman too become Pub Going Loose and Forward’ (excuseme ladies, whatever you call selves as) was too fantastic. If Gandhi Ji had given a call of ‘Jail Bharo’ then, her call of ‘Pub Bharo’ was too ingenious. She has secured self a place in history. I was amazed to see her tarring the whole of Manglore natives by saying “’Mangalore has been Talibanised.” It is different matter that Manglorians were not amused by her’s  this senseless statement and the Mayor and otther prominient citizens filed a complaint prompting theCourt to ask authorities to register a FIR against the union minister. 

Renuka has a proclivity for attracting publicity even at the expense of public and this is well known. She may well choose to support ‘Pink Chaddis’ or strive to see that more and more woman include PUB visit as a weekly schedule if not daily just as woman folk make a visit to Beauty parlor. 

But for that to happen Renuka as a minister will have to first ensure that no woman is forced to sell her Child to pay up Medical Bill (?) that too in Govt run Hospital. SHAME! 

SHAME INDEED!  This happens in the Honorable Ministers’ own constituency.This following report is a slap on the face of Renuka Choudhury the ‘Honorable Union Minister’ for Women and Child Development. HUH!

Mom sells baby to pay ‘bribe’ in Renuka’s constituency 

Hyderabad: In a heart-rending incident, a young poverty-stricken single mother in Andhra Pradesh sold her newborn son to a childless couple for Rs 6,000 so that she could pay her medical bill in a Government hospital.

“My financial position is really bad,” a distraught looking Rajitha (20) who could not afford the Rs 2,000 hospital fee said from her bed at the Government area hospital in Kothagudem in Khammam district.

She delivered the baby by Caesarean section last week and the infant changed hands within 24 hours.

Police said they would take action against the hospital which also faces an inquiry whether its doctors took any money as bribe from the woman.

“Buying and selling a baby is an offence, so we will be booking cases,” Kothagudem revenue division officer P Rajaram said.

According to reports, a rickshaw driver friend gave the single mother Rs 6,000 for the baby, which he planned to bring up with his wife. The couple have no children.

The incident occurred in the parliamentary constituency of Union Minister of State for Women and Child development Renuka Chowdhury.

“At least, she is safe and at least the child is not dead and not killed. I think they are the most important things that we need to look at,” Chowdhury said.

The woman told the police who interrogated her that her husband had abandoned her and she had no means to support herself and a baby.

“We are also inquiring into the fact whether the doctor had asked for money (from the woman),” he added.

Welfare officials reportedly want the baby to be reunited with his mother so she can breastfeed him. They said the mother and child would then be shifted to a state-run facility where Rajitha can decide if she wants to put the baby up for adoption. 

I want to question Renuka Choudhury: Is this poor woman has no right to be defended by you? Or is it because she is not ‘Loose and forward Enough’ to merit your attention? Any Answer? 


Meantime, she got to sew her mouth and control often displayed ‘histrionics’ whenever she sees TV cameras. 



Feb. 23rd, 2009

Modi and Rahul: Piranah and Aquarium fish.

Sonia ‘Maino’ Gandhi’s Congress party has no of legal luminaries (Lawyers) of all hues and sizes. Starting from the Law minister H R Bhardwaj to Kapil Sibal to Manu Singhvi to Now disowned Devil Advocate R K Anand to now day’s most visible advocate of the Congress   ‘Dynasty’  Manish Tiwari. 

One job all these great ‘Advocates ‘ relish doing is:Being spokesman for the Dynasty. Louder the better. Facts, Truth, Probity and now even very basic and common knowledge too is discounted when the matters come to defending the ‘Goddess of Sacrifice’ and her – not so young anymore 38 year old Clown Crowned Prince Rahul. 

Congress’s spokesperson Manish Tiwari is a lawyer by profession and nowadays chief proctor  of Rahul’s ‘foot in mouth’ disease. His (Manish Tiwari) oratory is in no doubt neither his lung power can be underestimated; but what about some General Knowledge

 Ummmm… I think he should spend some time reading his kid’s books or some easy goggle search too would be of immense help before he shoots his mouth next time. 

Manish in his zeal to match Modis ‘veiled’ reference to Rahul as ‘aquarium fish’said,

If Rahul is like a fish in the aquarium, then Modi is ‘piranha’ who devoured human beings.

HT dated Feb, 23rd 2009. 

On this my good friend Yossarin say,

Manish Tiwari’s smart-ass retort would have carried its zing but for a simple problem – the piranha are fresh water fish and not ocean fish.  

Before the Dynasty spokesperson deny saying this, watch his histrionics here. Enjoy!

Now did Modi say any thing  wrong? No. 

Though NaMo (Narrendera Modi)  did not name ‘Rahul’ specifically he pointed out to the deep rooted Dynastic culture in Congress and contrasted this with the BJP’s gen next leadership. Congress’s claims of youth leadership Rahul, Pilot, Prasad, Scindhia, Naveen Jindal, Priya Dutt all are in Congress not for being their on their own merit but only being sons and daughters of past/present ‘Loyal Dynasty Servers’ of Congress. 

Contrast this with Arun Jaitley, Ravi Shankar, Sushama Swaraj, Narrendra Modi, Shiv Raj Chouhan, Mukhtaar abbass Naqui, Shahnawaj Hussein and many many more who are where they are due to their girth and determination and service to the nation. Same hold true for the Communists too. Be it Sitaram Yechury or Prakash Karat or any other leader in PBThey all are there due to their own efforts and work not because they were/are sons and daughters of some past/present party bigwigs. 

Point me one name who has reached where ever he/she is because his/her father, mother, uncle, aunty propelled them forward. 

Sonia ‘Maino’ Gandhi’s  ‘Congress’ is no different from Laloo, Mulayam, Paswan, Maya, AIADMK, DMK, TDP  etc. Theirs are small kiosks in a great ‘trade fare called Lok Sabha’ while Sonia head a Pvt. Ltd. Company with no stake of  ‘aam adami’ in it at all. 

After all Sonia’s  cheerleaders like these ‘lawyers’ should know how the Sonia’s Congress treated PV Narismhan Rao (only another non family Congress PM other than being LB Shastri and undisputedly among the best) or Sita Ram Kesari (who was ‘physically removed from office when Sonia decided to join politics)as President of Congress. 

Therefore Dynasty’s spokesperson ‘indignant outburst’  is ill placed and devoid of some basic knowledge too. Madame and Clown Crowned Prince deserve better ‘dynasty servers’  now on As they will be constantly engaged and challenged by bloggers often, after all the great Indian Tamasha ‘Elections’ are approaching fast and we (Bloggers)  too have a stake in that. 

Parting Shot…

BTW at 38 Rahul is not young any more how about projecting Priyanka’s kids as next Gen leadership if age is what is so important for Congress! Wonder I and/or billion strong nation noticed no ‘greatness’ in action or deed of Clown Crowned Prince so far!





Feb. 13th, 2009

“Hamam Mein Sab Nange Hain”

 If you happen to be Editor, Managing Editor, Editor in Chief or an Executive Editor in Sec-Soc Main Stream Media and dream for becoming some Padam Shri or Padam Bhushan then; all that you need to do is: Sing Pagans in praise of Madame, project Rahul as the future and more importantly do all you can to down size Advani. Do that by all means who stops you after all one Padam Shri Editor in Chief say and say openly, “Hamam Mein Sab Nange Hain”. Who doubts any more?

All these mighty people have their own perspective of issues depending upon their ‘political and/or economic’ intersests. Well, I hold nothing against them for their ‘being’ what they are, but WTF if they delebirately become so oblivious of some very  basic and  simple facts and in their zeal to be more loyal to Queenlie through teeth!!!!!

It is one thing to project the one who hold license to rule but bloody too much to do what this one Pranjal Sharma of UTVi does here. Screw up history, contort Geography and project self as a front runner for some Padam Shri or Bhushan is too much to digest????

Shamelessly This Executive Editor of UTVi does exactly the same and say ‘this’ about Shri L.K.Advani,

A Prime Minister born in Karachi may not go down well post-26/11.

Well! Is this Executive Editor Pranjal Sharma really ignorant of history? Is he really ignorant of geography before 1947 or after? None. He is simply being too smart by half by exploiting the popular sentiment of General Public against the perpetrators of Mumbai Mayhem coming from Karachi.

These days challenging these high and mighty ones are a risky thing. After all not long back the ‘Queen’ of Indian News sued a poor blogger and Raja of Indian News demonstrated how ‘Media Mein Sab Nange Hain’ .

For the benefit of this Executive Editor of UTVi, here are two maps pre and post partition of India and that too when Nehru and Gandhi were at the helms of affairs.

Just one question for this ‘Executive Editor’ Pranjal Sharma of UTVi 

Was ‘Karachi’ a part of India or not

in 1929? If yes, then WTF is this above sentence for if not outrageoulsy outrageous?

But only if not Pranjal Sharma’s intention is to obfuscate facts and promote self at the cost of Geography then what else is it?

Shameless! Utterly Shameless.

Another example how the Congress fixed Institutions.

‘Executive Editor’ Pranjal Sharma get your facts right and/or SHUT UP.



Feb. 8th, 2009

‘Take Dynasty out of Democracy’ : Sudheendra Kulkarni

 This is to put on record that your truly has always been inspired by Shri Kulkarni. I seek his guidance, always.)

Shri Sudheendra Kulkarni is one among the most respected columnist and surely a ‘Sane Voice’ among the Cacophonic and Sycophantic Main stream media. Here in this well argued post Taking dynasty out of democracy Shri Kulkarni has emphatically certified what you’re truly had argued in this post Navin Chawala or Democracy: Choose One.

In this post ‘Navin Chawala or Democracy: Choose One.’ You’re truly had sought to draw attention of readers to three broad point.

1. Well as I said earlier too and reiterate that democracy is not about voting alone or/and getting elected. No Way. Democracy is about: Protecting Rights, Supporting and strengthening Institutions, Affording/Providing Equal opportunities to all and any, last but not least - not only been honest and transparent but to be seen so.

2. Original Ms. Gandhi in cohorts with Communists started weakening ‘Institutions’ which has ‘Now’ been perfected by the Imported Ms. Gandhi- Sonia ‘Maino’ Gandhi.

3. Abusing Democracy and undermining institutions runs deep in this family. Question is: Do we need democracy or we are doomed with a family’s whims and fancy?

Shri Kulkarni besides certifying these points has some many more interesting points to add.

On Rahul Gandhi being projected as future Prime Minister, Mr. S. Kulkarni says

Now the Congress has projected Rahul Gandhi as its future leader and prime ministerial candidate. ‘Ateet ke neenv par/Bhavishya ka nirmaan’ (Building a future on the foundation of the past) say Congress posters showcasing Rahul. The very first principle of democracy? equal opportunity undiluted by birth-related privileges? has been violated by this blatant hardsell of dynasty. The assumption that a member of the Nehru family need not have governmental experience or any record of service to the nation to be projected as the future prime minister of India is an insult to the logic of democracy.

On devaluation of Democratic Institutions under congress rule…

Yes, we can be justifiably proud of our democracy. But if take a closer look, we will be able to see the infirmities and deformities within our system. Some of our present rulers have done everything to devalue institutions of parliamentary democracy. Some of the salient issues associated with the Rashtrapati’s election in July 2007still remain unresolved. The Election Commission has become the centre of an unprecedented controversy. And we have a prime minister who is not even directly elected by the people. He prefers to play second fiddle to an extra-constitutional authority that has nominated him.

Kulkarni Sir urges us…

If we want to make India’s democracy failure-proof, let us raise our voice against what we think is wrong, even at the risk of suffering hardships. Let us campaign for a leadership culture that promotes merit and does not privilege birth. Let us demand far-reaching electoral reforms, including state funding of elections, whereby money power cannot steal or subvert people’s mandate. Let us force greater accountability upon our political leaders. And let us be vigilant in safeguarding the sanctity of our democratic institutions

He warns us too in no uncertain terms…

If we fail democracy, democracy will fail us.

I join Sir Kulkarni in his appeal to save the democracy from dynasty and ‘Take Dynasty out of Democracy.’


Feb. 7th, 2009

Navin Chawala or Democracy: Choose One.

I am not amused and in dilemma too - to laugh or cry. Well I do both. I laugh at the stupidity of Congress and their henchmen/women/babas and babes and; cry: as Institution after institutions is being made ‘subservient’ to Madame Sonia and ‘Future King’ anointed. Ironically we still are called ‘democracy’! That too, Largest and Vibrant! 

Well as I said earlier too and reiterate that democracy is not about voting alone or/and getting elected. No Way. Democracy is about: Protecting Rights, Supporting and strengthening Institutions, Affording/Providing Equal opportunities to all and any, last but not least - not only been honest and transparent but to be seen so.

Alas! It is not be. Original Ms. Gandhi in cohorts with Communists started weakening ‘Institutions’ which has ‘Now’ been perfected by the Imported Ms. Gandhi- Sonia ‘Maino’ Gandhi.

Congress men/woman/Babas and Babes have been merrily carrying forward the infamous slogan coined by Barua - the then Congress CM of Assam: ‘Indira is India; India is Indira’. This time it is Sonia ‘Maino’ who has been hailed as‘Goddess of Sacrifice’, indeed; as I argued here.

Indira imposed emergency and prosecuted opposition leaders by throwing them in Jails, Sanjay became the de facto PM with out even being a MLA of any state. Indira had even mulled to suspend the fundamental ‘right to life’. Those of us, who are on the sunny side of forties but in teens that time, remember those dreadful days vividly.

Dynasty heir Rajiv’s tenure witnessed the most brutal ‘Massacre of Sikhs’ in 1984. Perpetrators of that heinous blood bath had become Ministers in various successive Congress Governments; some were awarded with Governorships some ‘tormentors of Emergency Era’ are still in important posts. One of them is Navin Chawala.

Navin Chawala had been appointed by ‘Her Majesty’s Government’ as Election Commissioner so Elections 2009 coincide with his being as CEC. Not that he as EC could not have served ‘His Masters’, he did. See this Chawla’s loo breaks led to Congress phone calls: CEC. 

But is it Election Commission alone that has been made subservient to ‘Her Majesty’s Government’? NO.

Let me recount some to refresh your memory. 

-To start with Sonia ‘Maino’ carefully selected Man Mohan Singh after this drama only for his being ‘Quite harm Less’ as a challenge to her authority. Pranab Mukherjee who happens to be much senior to MMS and hold most important positions was left in cold since Madame had doubts about his becoming a threat to her or the ‘Future King’. 

-Let me recall to you all about that Hans Raj Bhardwaj (Law Minister) saw nothing wrong if Governmental files were sent to Sonia for vetting/decisions, her being the Chairperson of a Gang called UPA. Of course; he retracted when there was an out cry. 

-Election of ‘You’re President’ among Billion strong Nation is another example.

-In cohort with MSM even Parliament was made a subject of Horse Trading. 

-CBI was abused for a Mr. ‘Q’, made a tool of ‘negotiation’ with/for Amar Singh and Co., Maya, Mulayam, Guru Ghantal Shibu Soren etc. 

-I hope many of you have not forgotten how the fair name of Dr. Kalam and office of Prseident was dragged in to a controversy regarding dissolution of Bihar Assembly at the behest of a Laloo. That time our very Gentle PM had reassured Dr. Kalam- that too in middle of night and Dr. Kalam’s being in Russia!

Another time the office of President was sought to be sullied when Dr. Kalam had refused to sign the controversial ‘Office of Profit Bill’ to save the Madame Sonia ‘Maino’ Gandhi.

List is long and indicative of how one institution after Institution is being abused to favor a particular lady. Abusing Democracy and undermining institutions runs deep in this family. Question is: Do we need democracy or we are doomed with a family’s whims and fancy?

I choose democracy and so I want Navin Chawala to be removed from this Institution. If Sonia still manages to win election; I will welcome her.

So for a free and fair election wipe this blemish.

 Lal Krishan Advani has made a strong point for Navin Chawala’s  removal here.

I urge all to ‘Say No to Navin Chawala’.


pic courtsey Sandeep.

Jan. 31st, 2009

Barkha Dutt & ‘Freedom of Speech’. HUH!

 Padam Shri Barkha Dutt Ji who is next on your hit list?

One blogger Chyetanya Kunte wrote an angry post after being rightly pissed off watching the TV reportage during Mumbai Mayhem. He has not only been forced to retract his post (google cache is available here) but publish unconditional  apology too. Presumably after being threatened with legal action by Padam Shri Barkha Dutt or NDTV or both. Well I am not surprised at all. Ms. Barkha Dutt has always held bloggers with contempt and has always been angry at them.

I join the bloggers fraternity and strongly condemn this highhandedness. Ms Dutt and NDTV forfeit any right to be sanctimonious about the ‘freedom of Speech’ and all that blah blah. So next time we hear you Barkha- preaching us about ‘Liberal’ values and all that, even my 10 year old daughter know what to do with the remote.

Ms Barkha Dutt and her 24X7 News Channel has picked on a poor blogger to settle some scores but will Barkha Didi answer why Kunte alone? Ms Dutt, did the Admiral not say the same thing?

Many in the media have managed to secure for selves one or another Padam Shri or Bhushan (despite this sane advice here) and they feel that they are above any scrutiny, criticism, and appraisal. Smug in their belief they feel only they have the right to speech and speak what ever they want! MSM has monopolized over the public discourse and force their opinions on the gullible public.

Now, Ms Dutta and her colleagues in media have started a new trend of intimidating the dissenting voices.

So next time when we see the Padam Shri Editor In Chief  of a channel sit over sting operation tapes he himself commissioned and let the favorite party win a crucial parliamentary fight, we sit and watch him.

So next time when a kid is brutally murdered; we watch the channels play endlessly porn reporting! We take no offence to the way channels report!

Any time any news channel frames a School Teacher and telecast the physical assault on her, live! We sit and watch!

Next time Ms Dutt or her esteemed collogues in MSM report the police action or preparedness for anti terrorist operation airing  live on air giving away the positions of security personnel thus jeopardizing their lives during any terror attack. We sit and remain silent.

We watch, read these champions of ‘Free Speech’ and ‘Liberal Values’ preach us 24X7 and dare we not question them EVER. Lest we are slapped with legal notices and the might of these mighty Padam Shris and Bhushans are unleashed.

What a glorious way to celebrate the spirit of ‘Democracy’! Shame!

So Barka Didi; am I to going to get a legal notice soon? Yes, in that case please do me a favor and type an apology your self on my behalf I will publish that but I wont retract this on any of earlier posts.


BTW here are some more interesting posts.

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‘An’ Admiral and ‘The’ Barkha Dutt. 

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